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African Elephant

The African forest elephant (Loxodonta cyclotis) is one of the two living African elephant species. It is native to humid forests in West Africa and the Congo Basin. It is the smallest of the three living elephant species, reaching a shoulder height of 2.4 m (7 ft 10 in).

About the design

  • 1. Life and death

    Endangered species have two aspects: life and death. The left side of the animal represents life. It contains an array of vivid colors, as variety is important to us and to our world. The right side represents death. The contours of the skull become visible, as that will be the consequence of our inaction.


    Angry eyes. A logical response from an attacked animal.

  • 3. The texture

    The texture represents the elephant’s skin. A unique feature.

  • 4. The tusk

    The tusk of this animal is the incentive for poachers to kill this animal. It is very impressive and therefore displayed prominently.